Friday, March 6, 2009

Cool, but crazy madness!

Yikes...two weeks since I blogged??? I've been crazy busy!! I've been working at least 16-18 hour days for 8 weeks to get ready for the DDNC. It has paid off! The new website is launched ( and all our graphics work is done and arrived on Monday! It looks very professional and impressive! It's nice to have that all behind me and know that now I only have to focus on packing and other little details before Saturday. I'm leaving on the train at 1 PM Saturday and returning around 2:30 on Tuesday. I will be staying in the hotel on Monday night because I couldn't get a train back to Harrisburg late enough so I will relish in the night away from home without any major stressors! It will be a sweet, too brief, vacation!

I'm STILL battling the infection I developed about four months ago. It seemed like it was getting better, but it's come back...I'm really frustrated. I'm scheduled to go back to the doctor on Thursday for it. I am also scheduled for my annual infusion of reclasp (osteoporosis med) and am still receiving aranesp every week. In spite of that, my hematocrit was very low in Pittsburgh during my last trip and I ended up needing another blood transfusion. We just don't know what's going on...I'm getting a mega dose of Aranesp every week and in spite of that my levels keep dropping. We aren't sure where it's going, but Kareem suspects my bone marrow may not be producing enough red blood cells. At least I am not as wiped out as I should be considering...but that may all hit after the hubbub of G-PACT activity is over.

After the DDNC, I will start focusing on DDW. This won't require NEARLY as much work because we have already been working on it for so long and because I have the graphics work pretty much done now. Those were my biggest projects.

March 13 marks my third transplant b-day. I am celebrating with a group of friends that night. I'm amazed it's been three years and that I have come as far as I have. Who ever knew I'd be back running G-PACT so much and traveling to major events on my own? It's really amazing...

Please do pray for me though this weekend. Since this is the first major G-PACT event I've been involved in since 2004, I'm a little bit nervous about how I will hold up physically. It will be a test for sure as these will be really long days of sitting up and walking without many breaks. It's definitely going to be a test for me...

We have some new, incredible opportunities that opened up for us in DC. I can't reveal what they are at this time, but will update after the event and let you know what became of everything!

Thank you for your support!