Sunday, December 5, 2010

DTP Fight

I'm going to stick to my bathroom sink! The Phenergan spills may drive me to drink! It's icky, it's sticky, it happened last night. Not once, not twice, we got in a fight! The newest phase in Carissa's Clutziness Craze, is these phenergan spills and dropping of pills! All over my bed, all med times I dread, 'cuz I end up messy, good thing I'm not dressy! It goes down my tube, like my Jeep drinks his lube! The PJ's were clean, but now they are green, and my tube has leaked, the gut has just freaked!

My hands they shake, my head it aches, my feet are sore, when they hit the floor. My stomach hurts, my heart it flirts, my chest is tight, fuzzy is my sight. My ears they ring, my brain won't sing, I'm in a fog, like I'm near a bog. I'm really dizzy, my hair is frizzy. it always falls out, and there is no doubt, it clogs up the tub, so rub a dub dub! I can't stay awake, many naps I must take. Was falling asleep, while driving the Jeep. It can be quite scary, I should be more wary. But it's hard to know, up and down I go! Sometimes I feel well, then later can tell, that my body is tired and not quite as wired, as I thought it would be, when I left to roam free.

Can you understand, that in DTP land, we are really tough, with all this stuff? But in spite of our plight, we still have to fight, just to get a look, or the term in a book! And all we've wanted, it not to be taunted, and told we are crazy, or just plain lazy! We are seeking a cure, we want to be sure, that the future is bright, and the gut's no fright. No one else to starve, and we all can carve, and enjoy the turkey, and even beef jerkey!

You just need to know, that we write and show, and we share our pain, to get through the rain. This is really tough, there is no fluff. It comes down to foods, which affects our moods. Since we can't eat, even cookies or meat, we are left behind, and long to rewind, to better days, when we had full trays, not a tube or a line, with a smile and "I'm fine."

We don't ask for much, but a healing touch. Will you help us today, so soon we can say? That because we've endured, we've finally been cured. We will eat again, we will definitely win!

I posted this note, so I could devote, some special place, to my personal space. Millions have suffered, and our voices been buffered. We need to be clear, to everyone near, and those far away, that we need them to say. DTP kills, and piles up bills. And I have a friend, who has suffered no end. Do you really care? Will you take the dare? By helping us fight, there is hope in sight!