Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Originally posted May 19, 2012:

I have to do a little bragging...not for myself, but for my TEAM!!!! TEAM= Together Everyone Achieves More! 

Nothing excites me more than other people who are so passionate about fighting DTP that they get so actively involved in G-PACT, are excited about our work, love other patients, and share the passion and vision that the original founders had in 2001. The vision has never changed, no matter how many times the volunteers and board members have. Why? Because patients need the same thing now that they needed back then- coping mechanisms, supportive resources, education, and hope to get through this now until a cure is found.

While we work with researchers, other organizations, and physicians too, patients need something to get through NOW because a cure will take time. Our goal from day one was to increase awareness, fight for a cure and support research without leaving patients with nothing to help in the meantime. The only significant thing that has changed about G-PACT in almost 11 years (August 23, 2001- date of founding) is the addition of new conditions. We make changes to meet the growing demands as they come, keep up with technology and utilize new resources available for the changing population, but the HEART behind G-PACT remains the same and always will as far as I'm concerned. The needs of patients have never changed and never will, so why change the ultimate mission behind G-PACT? The ultimate need is a cure, but until then we'll do everything we can to help everyone cope and have hope!

Thanks to EVERYONE who is supportive of G-PACT in any way, and especially all those on Team G-PACT who help keep things glowing on a day to day basis and provide a glimmer of hope to so many! I love Team G-PACT! G-PACT couldn't function without the team. Patients would be left behind to deal alone and DTP is already a very lonely and socially isolating condition. What Team G-PACT does is important! And no, I am NOT Team G-PACT. I am just ONE member of the team. I'm just the loudest one, I think...I tend to carry the bullhorn! :) But others do so much too! There are no small parts, only small players. We all come in different sizes, but everyone has an important position on the team!

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